Artist: Micah
Title: Capable Space
Label: Pacific Front Recordings
By: Jason Calvert | 5 August 2005
  • 1. Original Mix
  • 2. Jairus Miller 'Headverb' Mix
  • 3. AFK 'Chehalis Space Station' Mix

Micah "Capable Space"

Out Now on Pacific Front Recordings

Classically trained Canadian producer Micah steps up to Pacific Front Recordings for this interesting release. Pacific Front Recordings was formed by the boys behind AFK and Formulate. This release continues on in the trend of high quality releases which have come to be expected from Pacific Front.

The Original Mix is a bass heavy track fueled by bouncing percussion and some twisted effects. The melody is placed around the mid range of the composition, leaving the higher ranges free for some airy, soundscape-esque effects which weave their way in and out of the track. The bassline gains inertia and encounters a few changes as the track progresses, keeping interest levels high throughout. A solid track overall.

The first remix is provided by American producer Jairus Miller. His previous work is very forward thinking, and Miller isn't afraid to think outside the square when it comes to his productions, and his "Headverb" Mix of Capable Space is no exception. Building up a smooth foundation making use of the heavy bassline from the original, some new effects are brought into the composition and a light underlying melody in the background. We are then introduced to an extremly cheeky melody which makes its appearance in small bursts, which at first could seem out of place, but after multiple listens they fit perfectly and give the track a very interesting individuality.

Davin Greenwell steps up to provide the final remix under his AFK guise. Under this guise he is well known for punching the wall between progressive and many other sub genres of the electronic scene. Being a a large fan of extended introductions, this track gained my respect almost instantly with its lush atmosphere. The melody is given much more of the spotlight, allowing it to show off its class to full extent. The percussion has much more of a driving feel than the Original, and with some more mid to high ranged effects layered in, this complex composition leaves its mark very firmly long after it has finished.

Yet another fine release for Pacific Front Recordings. It seems Davin and Justin have a penchant for quality music to release on their label. If cutting edge quality is your thing, and you like tracks that aren't afraid to go that little extra mile to be unique, then Pacific Front is definately a label to keep a close eye on.

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