Artist: Micah, Ben Camp & Mat Leutwyler
Title: The Grammar Lesson EP
Label: Secret Planet
By: Simon Jones | 12 November 2004
  • A: Ben Camp & Mat Leutwyler Mix
  • B: Micah Mix

Micah, Ben Camp & Mat Leutwyler "The Grammar Lesson EP"

Out Now on Secret Planet

Four releases on since the label's launch earlier this year, Secret Planet turn once again to Micah who here teams up with the newly formed duo of Ben Camp and the fresh faced Mat Leutwyler for the quaintly titled 'Grammar Lesson EP. In a true meeting of like minded talent, 'Grammar Lesson' is the first time these three have come together to work on projects, but is by no means the last with more to come in the new year.

Kicking things off 'Ben Camp & Mat Leutwyler' provide their own take on the track, a deep and atmospheric introduction soon subsiding to reveal rising melodies that soon take on a whole separate tangent, climbing out of the confines of the slow groove as a guitar style hook rolls over the underlying beats. It's not until everything fades to leave only the hook that you realise how good the production is on this track, with this duo tipped as ones to watch in 2005 by several people already.

'Micah' goes for the jugular right from the start, dropping some tight beats over a shaking groove that leads us through his own interpretation of 'Grammar Lesson'. However it's the bassline that really takes this mix of the next level, building towards an awesome string break with some cool electronic sounds adding a floating ambience to the bit crushing beats that Micah lays down, and whilst it may not be the most explosive of tracks, it certainly has some musicality that you will appreciate without a doubt.

The question beckons though. What is the 'Grammar Lesson'? With the single containing some of the most outlandish names ever to produce on one record you can bet dyslexics the world over fear this record, but at least the music itself is good, and that's all that matters.

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