Artist: Mert Yucel
Title: The Microwave EP
Label: Nascent Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 29 April 2004
  • A: Funky Ride
  • B: Twisted

Mert Yucel "The Microwave EP"

Out Now on Nascent Recordings

Mert Yucel has been building quite a name for himself in the past few years, both amongst his peers on the International circuit, and also with DJs and vinyl junkies alike. With singles on Choo Choo and Baroque already under his belt, he has gradually been building his profile over the last few months, and his production work has been growing along with it, as he has been writing lots of new material. The 'Microwave EP' features two of these, and marks his debut for Nascent Recordings at the same time.

The a-side 'Twisted' is trademark Mert Yucel stuff. Big drums and subtle percussion, with a sprinkling of darkness for good measure. However as the name suggests, there's a twisted vibe at play here, and the bass and pads do a good job in bringing that feeling to the forefront. Not willing to diversify off from it's groove, a smooth vocal refrain adds just that extra something that makes this work, and that the deeper floors will appreciate at the same time.

'Funky Ride' takes a similar route, with a solid rattling bassline and chunky groove taking control early on. Subtle kicks and a quirky vocal change things up slightly, but this doesn't quite match the production quality of it's a-side counterpart in any shape or form.

After several great releases, this one sees Nascent venture slightly off the boil, with only dedicated fans of this particular sound perhaps able to get much out of this. The production quality is the usual you would expect from Mert Yucel, but the whole EP just doesn't seem to push the envelope any further than he's gone before.

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