Artist: Mert Yucel Presents Silent Runner
Title: Deep Xperience EP
Label: Choo Choo Records
By: Simon Jones | 6 March 2003
  • A1: The Definition
  • B1: Solid Filter
  • B2: Darkness

Mert Yucel Presents Silent Runner "Deep Xperience EP"

Out Now on Choo Choo Records

Mert Yucel is one of the many talents emerging out of Istanbul, Turkey, having links with labels such as Alola and has now become the latest member to the Choo Choo family. Unlike fellow countrymen Yunus Guvenen and Subsky however, Mert's work is in spreading the gospel of house, and 'The Deep Xperience EP' is his first commandment.

What is 'Definition'? A definition of sound? A definition of house? Or both? Who knows, but it's easier to accept what it tells you. That it is simply 'the music'. Fusing strands of house and tribal into one deep journey, with a powerful spoken vocal navigating the course of the track, Mert proves to us that whilst the tribal sound of the past 18 months or so may be on the way out in many people's eyes, there is still life in the sound yet, and this rises above the shit in the sewers to the urban jungle with no problems whatsoever.

'Solidfilter' is next up on this EP, which fuses tribal elements with deep sub bass arrangements and techno style grooves to create a track that refuses to stick to one template and expands and evolves with each percussive loop. Then to end things 'Darkness' takes us on a funky heads down journey through the unknown, acid influences clearly evident within the track, and bringing the EP to a close in fine fashion.

Future material will see singles from Carlos Fauvrelle and Spartak, as well as the first single to be taken from Mara's 'If You Only Knew' album, 'Turning It On'. Watch out for all of these very soon.

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