Artist: Medway
Title: Resurrection 2005
Label: Release Grooves
By: Mark Holloway | 12 December 2005
  • A: Kai 'Electro Tech-Funk' Mix
  • B: Delikate Imposters Mix

Medway "Resurrection 2005"

Out Now on Release Grooves

Jesse Skeens is an artist who respectfully contributed and helped define the well known sound of the HOOJ record label throughout the late 1990's and early turn of the millenium. Although Medway continues to write and remix fantastic songs for labels such as Powerplant, Release Records, and 541, there is always a sense of magic when re-visiting music of the past. One song in particular that comes to mind as a favorite Medway production is Resurrection. Originally released in 1998 on HOOJ, this song gets a dual re-work in 2005 by both Kai and Delicate Imposters.

The 'Kai Mix' of Resurrection sits on the A side and shoots right out the gate with a nice silky beat filled with airy buzzes and swirls that echo throughout. A tribal beat rounds out the background to keep the groove nice and solid while intelligent chords and arpeggios take the lead. The beat remains consistent throughout the song with drops of deep bass blurbs and swellish-sweeps hitting you here and there. The break down is more of a subtraction of the previous track elements that slowly pile back up, only the vibe really takes off post-breakdown when the bass line drops in and the familiar lead vocal-esque sounds glide over the top.

Delicate Imposters take the B side on this release and launch the remix with a bit more dance-like approach. Slightly more upfront with bass lines and chords, the Imposters seem to find the perfect blend of rhythm and sound. The song gradually builds to a breakdown of silence that is then carried by the esoteric melodies and elements from the original Resurrection. Slowly, the bass line, melodies, and chord progressions hauntingly build up to the point where the beat drops in the right place and carries the song all the way through til the end.

Resurrection 2005 is a release that respectfully fulfills its purpose. The original was a huge success and the new version, which is available from Release, is a worthy addition to any DJ's music collection.

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