Artist: Medway & Sven Hauck
Title: Amonamen
Label: Influx Audio
By: Simon Jones | 12 February 2007
  • A1: Original Mix
  • A2: Oliver Moldan Mix
  • B1: Matt Rowan & Jaytech Mix

Medway & Sven Hauck "Amonamen"

Out Now on Influx Audio

Jesse Skeens is without question of the most respected producers ever to have emerged on the progressive scene, with a string of widely regarded EPs for Hooj Choons cementing his legacy, both then and in the years since. Whilst in recent years he's been out of the spotlight for quite some time, having now relocated to Holland, he re-emerges with a series of productions with Atlanta based Sven Hauck, with 'Amonamen' for Kazell's Influx Audio being the first of their collaborations.

The 'Original Mix' is deep and hypnotic, bubbling along nicely as synth layers cut through, sliding over the top. Picking up the pace, things become heavier during the latter half of the mix and Medway's trademark bass becomes very prevalent.

This is followed by Oliver Moldan's electo version. As one might expect based on his previous work, Moldan's mix is built around a solid rolling bassline, with filtered snares and effects holding things together tightly. A crazy drop into the break is a guaranteed reaction maker, and the mix has already been a favourite of John Digweed's for the last few months.

On the flipside lies Matt Rowan & Jaytech's pumping melodic version of the track. Fans of their work will know exactly what to expect, as their blend of progressive house and trance elements has become a firm favourite amongst many since their debut single was released several months ago. Whilst not hitting the spot in the same way as the Moldan remix, this mix is a lot more accessible, and as such will likely appeal to a broader range of DJs.

After a brief hiatus, the Influx Audio label is back and seemingly hasn't missed a step. Label boss Kazell has a great ear for music, and this is reflected in the label's discography to date, with a collaboration between himself and Habersham to look forward to in the near future also.

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