Artist: Meat Katie & Dark Globe
Title: Feel It / Future Abuse Re-Rub
Label: Bedrock Breaks
By: Simon Jones | 11 June 2003
  • A: Feel It
  • B: Future Abuse Re-Rub

Meat Katie & Dark Globe "Feel It / Future Abuse Re-Rub"

Out Now on Bedrock Breaks

Meat Katie and Dark Globe have both seen their profiles grow in recent months, with Meat Katie in particular popping up on labels like SAW Recordings, alongside his usual output on Kingsize. Surprising you may say, so in that case it would seem more of a fit that Meat Katie pops up on Bedrock's new dedicated breaks label with Dark Globe, but what exactly does this pairing bring to the dance. Let's find out..

'Feel It' is a breakbeat cut that tips it's hat back into house roots slightly. A deep droning bassline and cut up synth loops sit underneath bobbing beat patterns and whilst not changing much as it progresses is produced well enough to get the floor moving ready for the next level of filth to be dropped in. Simplistic yet effective, that's all that needs to said.

The 'Re-Rub' of 'Future Abuse' is somewhat odd though, being based firmly around a 4/4 arrangement, keeping a constant groove and pulsating bass and adding in some distinctly tech house sounding elements in? The production is again well done, but this is quite frankly nothing innovative and for a moment I thought the label was called Bedrock Tech House.

After the superb single from Momu this is a real let down, not quite able to be summed in a single four letter word as one side is actually pretty useful.. so instead i'll use another.. lacklustre. More in the vein of Momu please, and less of this half assed breaks nonsense.

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