Artist: Matthew Dekay, Doves & Roob V
Title: Behind Secret Borders / God's Answer
Label: DK Records
By: Simon Jones | 5 May 2004
  • A: Behind Secret Borders
  • B: God's Answer

Matthew Dekay, Doves & Roob V  "Behind Secret Borders / God's Answer"

Out Now on DK Records

Matthew Dekay's stock has been rising steadily over the last few months, thanks to a series of solid singles and remixes, not to mention his skills as a DJ. The past few months have seen his name spread across the globe faster than the SARS virus, with his sounds infecting people in their dozens. Not so long ago he set up Lowriders Recordings with Nick K, but has now branched out and set up his own label DK Records, which is the first step towards a whole range of DK branded projects over the coming months. This debut release sees Matthew team up with his good friend Doves and occasional collaborator Roob V for two monster tracks that have kept train spotters busy for a while, but now the secrecy is over as 'Behind Secret Borders' and 'Gods Answer' hit the shelves.

'Behind Secret Borders' is the bigger and more menacing of the two tracks. Heavy shuffling beats create an infectious groove early on, that soon plays host to some huge synth riffs that rise up from below. A looped arrangement builds and drops like a pneumatic drill, creating a wave that affects the rest of the track. When the melodies shimmer in and filter towards the foreground the track comes to life, with a killer snare being unleashed that will send the floor into uproar, fading into a minimalist break where the drums rumble straight through, reintroducing the dynamic melody a cool and groovy finale that is trademark MDK stuff, reinstating some semblance of order and bringing the tempo down nicely.

If I had to choose between the two, which is no means an easy feat, then I would go for the b-side 'Gods Answer'. Taking things that little bit deeper than you would expect from Matthew Dekay, this is an awesome track that borders on ambient dub with it's floating atmosphere and dark effected beats. Subtle tempo changes add an interesting hypnotic tangent to the groove, the sounds melting into one things ascend towards the break. Oh yes the break, an awesome vibrating void where big floaty keys come into the equation, with the riff that is created sending ripples throughout every layer of the soundscape. The ethereal mood that is created is incredible, and this is peak time music at it's finest.

Once again, the Dutch devil delivers the goods, blurring the boundaries, breaking down borders, and to date being unmatched by anyone in terms of consistency in the past few months. What is the secret behind his success? I have no idea, maybe god has the answer..

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