Artist: Matthew Dekay & Alvredo
Title: Symbiosis
Label: Alternative Route
By: Nick Bower | 23 February 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Matthew Dekay Herbal Dub

Matthew Dekay & Alvredo "Symbiosis"

Out Now on Alternative Route

Since its release in the latter half of 2003, Sander Kleinenberg's 'Everybody' Renaissance album has been widely praised as giving music-by-numbers style dance compilations a swift kick up the backside. Furthermore, his mix has undoubtedly re-sparked the planet's interest in all things 'Renaissance' once again. If you've heard Sander's refreshingly cheeky 2 disc musical escapade then you can't fail not to know or remember 'Symbiosis'. One of two strong Matthew Dekay productions to feature on 'Everybody', it would be criminal not to say that this track forms a strong lynchpin to the former half of Sander's first mix CD. Effectively it bridges a essential gap between the mix's sexy, slinky, funk-filled start and its more deeper, progressive reaches.

Though still early in his career, Matthew Dekay has already gained an enviable global following which would turn some of his established peers within the industry green with jealousy. However, as is often the case, success hasn't appeared overnight. Even though he's managed to launch his own 'Lowriders' label with Nick K, put out several tracks in the shape of 'This Category', the now legendary 'Lowriders Pt 1' and 'Beautiful Monday' EP, it's only within the last year or so he's seen his name break through to see the light of day. Thanks to these solid productions, a Dutch residency at 'Stalker', performing live with his own 'Matthew Dekay band' and sticking to a relentless international djing schedule, Dekay is now being hailed as one of the Netherlands rising musical talents. Certainly, when you're as active as Dekay and have Sander Kleinenberg amongst others rooting for you, then it's only a matter on time before people sit up and take note.

For this latest track, Dekay teams up with Amsterdam's 'Chemistry' club resident DJ, Alvredo Ommen. If you ever needed a blueprint on how to make a slinky yet firing track, which builds more solidly than a seasoned bricklayer, 'Symbiosis' could well be a good place to start looking. Its one of those tracks which after listening to, you have to play again - to hear how it constantly evolves, growing from its tiny seedling start to its complex and fully flourished end.

In short, its one sexy track. 'Symbiosis' packs in a deep, groovy bassline, pacey bongos and a sizzling snare into the mix in the first few minutes. Then as the track progresses, beautifully delayed FX swirl around giving an impression of overall atmosphere and space, before leading into a bassline riff that could stay in your head for a while. This bassline serves as a key ingredient to the track which all the other sounds and FX then play around, cleverly bouncing off each other and forming one hell of a seductive and surprisingly soulful groove. The clever part is that it does this without raising a bead of sweat. 'Symbiosis' knows its a bit of a stunner to be honest, its just toying. It shimmies, pouts, raises its eyebrow and flirts itself in front of you to confirm the fact. Great fun.

The 'Herbal Dub' of 'Symbiosis' is also proving to be a bit of a head turner in its own right as well. If proof were needed, Hernan Cattaneo has picked this one up for inclusion on his own Renaissance album follow-up to Sander Kleinenberg's. It delivers a faster, more upbeat and punchy version of the track, dispensing a little of the sexiness in favour of a more driving sound. Along the way the 'Herbal Dub' throws in additional chime-like key notes before mid-track it drops into a superb blistering, snarling staccato effect, phasing from speaker to speaker, quickening its pace as it goes.

Managing to skillfully blend of a number of styles on 'Symbiosis', Dekay and Alvredo have created a tune which delivers the goods. Elements of progressive and tech house intertwined with a funky inner core make for an deliciously groovy and sophisticated number. Its great to hear a track of this genre which isn't afraid of serving up a healthy dollop of funk. This, for my money, will prove to be the main factor to its success. It'll happily slink its way, genre-crossing as it goes, into many DJ's record boxes far and wide, and deservedly so.

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