Artist: Matt Rowan
Title: Fat Fucker EP
Label: Babylon Limited
By: Antonella Sirec | 16 April 2007
  • A: Fat Fucker
  • B: Mogul

Matt Rowan "Fat Fucker EP"

Out Now on Babylon Limited

Over the last couple of years, one DJ and producer who I've happily kept an eye on and whose work has been a constant source of pleasure to my ears is Matt Rowan. With each release, he has grown as a producer and as a remixer in his own right while maintaining a solid DJ career with appearances at such club nights as Sydney's much respected and world renowned Sweetchilli, so it was with great excitement that I found myself being able to review his latest release in the guise of the 'Fat Fucker EP' and witness a new side of this already talented artist.

The title track 'Fat Fucker' opens on an interesting but quirky tip while interwoven with a nicely bouncing beat and subtle high hats. With a low guttural bass opening the way for a slight melody, the tune takes a swing into a deeper progressive zone. Overlapping the main elements of this track are touches of melodic chords that add an ethereal facet to the overall feel of this composition. But this is really only a hint as the full grunt of the track climbs back again and travels easily into those deeper aspects. The eventual breakdown is such a subtle pause that you’re almost expected to take a breath before 'Fat Fucker' picks up and takes off again. This is the type of tune that is just relentless from start to finish with occasional stops for air and never pushing the listener over the edge. As such, this particular track is going to be very much a crowd pleaser on any given dance floor.

If I thought 'Fat Fucker' was an enjoyable aural journey, nothing quite prepared me for what was next in store. I'll say this now: 'Mogul' is, by far, Matt Rowan’s best production work to date. Beginning on a simple percussive feel, the track takes on simple tribal elements before a cheeky womping bass starts weaving into the tune. This, however, is only a teaser as atmospheric melodies soon take over before giving way to a very textured and deep sound. Throughout 'Mogul' that womping bass weaves in and around the melody, almost daring the listener to grab hold of it. The melodies in this track are richly majestic and balance perfectly with the earthier elements. At the halfway point, 'Mogul' really comes into its own as a significant piece of music as an extended stuttered bass adds another facet to this already interesting piece. If anything there's a slow burning aspect to the overall sound that makes me look over my shoulder every time I listen to it. But this is only for a short time as that feeling gives way for a return to that sweetly melodic route. For me, this is a thoroughly satisfying piece of music and one that I'm sure is going to garner this talented producer more fans. More then anything, it's an obvious indication that we've only just begun to hear what Matt Rowan is really all about.

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Matt Rowan's work both as a DJ and as a producer and it's this EP that really proves that his talents as an individual artist are continuing to develop in the right direction. The 'Fat Fucker EP' displays an obvious progression in both his sound and his production skills. The title track is a relentless number that his fans will quickly recognise as being his sound but with a nasty underlying feel to it that has not been heard in his previous works. As such, this is going to be a ridiculously good peak time scorcher. But the real gem on this release is 'Mogul' which shows a more varied and textural sound being explored but never losing sight of a necessary dance floor appeal. As previously stated, in my opinion this is Matt Rowan's best work to date and shows that he is not afraid to step outside of a safe and familiar zone and push himself as an artist. It's such a pleasure to watch someone who clearly has musical talent grow in a positive way and with that I look forward to Matt Rowan's future releases because I truly believe that there is much more to come. Well done indeed.

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