Artist: Mashtronic
Title: Needs EP
Label: Bedrock Records
By: Devon Shaw | 18 August 2006
  • 1. Got My FM
  • 2. Much More

Mashtronic "Needs EP"

Out Now on Bedrock Records

In the advent of our new digital age, format has again trumped the traditional standard of release in Mashtronic's 'Needs EP'. With 'Bionic Funk' signed months ago, the duo of Mathias Bradley and CiD Inc. decided not to delay the release of new material, opting instead to partner with Bedrock to debut the label's first-ever digital-exclusive EP. While a palpable niche has been carved out in digital-only labels like Proton, this represents new ground for traditionalist Bedrock. They're well-known for the quality of their vinyl releases, and Mashtronic delivers an outstanding first step that will hopefully usher in a new opportunity for Bedrock to explore.

Leading off is 'Got My FM'. A meaty, thumping beast, it's undertones are heard early on as the track builds it's way through a syncopated heavy drum into a reverbated electro-bass synth that forms the nucleus of most of the song. A pair of analogue synths find their way in, playing off each other and carrying along the main melody as a wash of panned effects and pads filter across the top, leading into breakdowns and transitions. Not quite house, not quite breakbeat, but situated perfectly in between, this is a diverse-ranging track that will bring a funky, hip tone to the dance floor.

On the flip is the appropriately titled 'Much More,' which picks up right where it's counterpart left off. The familiar pounding drums lead the track alongside delayed stabs until the star of the show arrives: The bass. Less melodic than the first, but far more slamming. This is the kind of bass that rattles windows and sets off car alarms. A high synth eventually works it's way into the mix alongside before frantically panned effects guide you into in a stylish breakdown. The stabs take center stage, the synths change up and a masterful build carries you right back into the main drive.

The 'Needs EP' is a nicely executed pair of tracks that fit well together and contain many similar elements. For regular DJs constantly on the hunt for fresh material every week, this offers a solid choice between the two and pulls no punches. Like much of their other material, when you reach for Mashtronic you know what you're in for. Ladies and gentlemen, start your burners.

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