Artist: Mashtronic
Title: Force
Label: Mashtronic Records
By: Simon Jones | 7 March 2006
  • A1: Original Mix
  • B1: 16 Bit Lolitas Mix
  • B2: Phatjak Mix

Mashtronic "Force"

Out Now on Mashtronic Records

Mashtronic have quickly secured themselves a place right at the forefront of the underground scene in the last few months, and have set themselves up for a very promising 2006 in with a whole plethora of projects lined up throughout the year. Favourites of Sasha and John Digweed, both of whom heavily support their production work, this European outfit has built an impressive discography, but now start a whole new chapter, launching their own self titled label with the blinding debut single 'Force'.

The 'Original Mix' is a peak time track that perfectly captures the spirit of the Mashtronic project, bringing together elements of electro and funk, and injecting them into the chunky groove that is the nucleus of this track. With added reinforcement from a massive speaker shaking bassline, 'Force' is one of those rare tracks that not only rocks the floor, but has a tendency to make you feel like your ears are going to explode as the bass rips through them.

The first of the remixes comes from the '16 Bit Lolitas' whom have also been on a tear as of late. Their remix is a superb techno influenced working that dominates in a slightly different way to the original. Whilst the former is a massive and unrelenting, the Lolitas build things slowly over a twisted groove, utilising some cool techy elements to finish off this deep, wigged out reinterpretation.

Finally, 'Phatjak' are on hand with a funky remix that fans of their work will undoubtedly head straight for. Sticking to that fusion of funk and electro they have earned a reputation for, they strip 'Force' back, with a sneaky breakdown that is a guaranteed reaction maker, rounding off the package in fine style.

'Force' is the perfect debut for Mashtronic's label, a single that captures the spirit of their collective project, whilst showcasing the diversity they aim to project through each and every release that follows. Have no doubt about it, Mashtronic are here, and they intend to stay, and if the ever growing fanbase of DJs and vinyl junkies alike is any indication, they will be a dominate 'Force' throughout 2006 and beyond.

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