Artist: Mashtronic Feat Luke Star
Title: Earthquake
Label: Mashtronic Records
By: Simon Jones | 9 November 2006
  • A1: Original Mix
  • A2: Mark Dynamix & Jaytech Mix
  • B1: Nick Muir Mix

Mashtronic Feat Luke Star "Earthquake"

Out Now on Mashtronic Records

Following straight on from their recent releases on John Digweed's Bedrock Records, Mashtronic return home to the mothership for a release on their own label Mashtronic Records. After the huge success of their label debut 'Force', they have enlisted occasional producer and vocalist Luke Star to do a guest vocal for the ominously titled 'Earthquake'. Remixes this time around come from Mark Dynamix & Jaytech, and continuing with the links with Bedrock, the one and only Nick Muir.

Mashtronic's original version is seemingly more subdued than one might expect following on from some of their prior work over the last few months, but as the saying goes - appearances can be deceptive. It could be said that 'Earthquake' is almost inverted, as whilst there's no trademark Mashtronic bassline to speak of, in it's place is a throbbing groove that holds the track together. Cut up bass stabs and linear melodies fill out the track, and the vocal refrains from Luke Star compliment the rest of the track perfectly.

Mark Dynamix & Jaytech found off the a-side with a ballsy, driving rework of the track. With a punchy bass loop as its nucleus, the Australian duo weave in some sci-fi influenced melodies and effects, layering things slowly until a rolling bassline rises through from the rear of the track. It doesn't quite peak even though it seemingly hints at doing so, but it's a strong remix nevertheless.

Nick Muir is not a name you see on remix duties all that often, but if there is one constant you can guarantee, is that when his name is attached to a project, that it's definitely worth checking out for that reason alone. Following on from that statement, it's no surprise that his remix of 'Earthquake' is nothing short of brilliant. An extended intro paves the way for a gritty electronic house onslaught, as Muir creates an evil and foreboding mood that is further enhanced by the dubbed out vocals and filtered synths. The rumbling breakdown only serves add to the sinister mood of the remix, and it is far and away the standout version on this single.

Mashtronic have thus far presented a solid and well rounded collection of singles on their self titled imprint, and 'Earthquake' continues the trend. Further digital only instrumental versions from Mashtronic and Nick Muir are available, so all in all this is one of the most complete and comprehensive packages from the label yet, and as such I highly recommend you check it out.

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