Artist: Martin Villeneuve
Title: I Want It / Elektrik Corp
Label: Tao Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 2 April 2007
  • A: I Want It
  • B: Elektrik Corp

Martin Villeneuve "I Want It / Elektrik Corp"

Out Now on Tao Recordings

After a brief hiatus Tao Recordings returns with a solid AA offering from label don Martin Villeneuve. Throughout the years, he's brought us some great music on a whole plethora of labels, including Little Mountain Saw Recordings, as well as Saeed & Palash's now sadly defunct Addictive label and also Yoshitoshi, a label that was his spiritual home for several years, but now he returns, and for the first time has ditched his aliases for this two tracker under his own name.

'I Want It' could not be compared to any of Martin's previous work, and seemingly his hiatus has only served to take him back to his roots, as this track is brings together elements of disco, house and progressive in one cascading array of pulsing bass, rapid key changes and piercing snares. The end result is an upbeat, hypnotic and addictive mid set dancefloor track that will flip and twist the mood and direction of a DJ set with its cool, free flowing bassline.

'Elektrik Corp' by comparison is slightly more understated, but again another slant on the bass driven house sound. There's a definite old school vibe to this track, and some of the elements have a seemingly distinct Pryda-esque feel to them. This however does not distract from the track, but rather fortifies it's potential. If imitation is need the best form of flatter, then this track draws on such influences and pays homage respectfully.

Fans of early MV work expecting more of the same might be surprised at the change in direction with this latest single, but I advise anyone with any preconceived ideas to leave them at the door, and embrace what is simply a great dancefloor-centric record.

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