Artist: Martin H & Peter Gun
Title: Casino
Label: Invent Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 12 February 2007
  • A1: Original Mix
  • B1: Peter Gun Mix
  • B2: Martin H Dub

Martin H & Peter Gun "Casino"

Out Now on Invent Recordings

Now on it's 12th release, the Invent Recordings label has played host to a number of collaborative ventures for label don Martin H, but none perhaps as potentially exciting as his collaboration with man of the moment Peter Gun. Both producers have a reputation for creating high quality dancefloor tracks, so when 'Casino' dropped through the mailbox, I couldn't wait to check it out.

The 'Original Mix' is quite understated compared to some of the duo's solo work, with a deep, moody atmosphere filling out the first half of the track. With only a simple drum loop pushing things forward, it does seem to take a while to make it's point felt, but the saw like b-line that rises through during the break more than makes up for this, with all the elements fusing together for the gritty finale.

Peter Gun's own mix pushes the big room sensibilities he's become regarded for, with delayed snares used to create a building energy within the track. The pace is unrelenting as the energy and tempo increases and once again the German has created an addictive, no nonsense piece of music that is worthy of a place it the record box. Martin H finishes off the package with a hypnotic dubbed out mix that strips the original back to it's basic elements, providing a mood setting mix that compliments the other versions.

A decent release to kick off the new year for Invent, and hopefully this new found collaboration on 'Casino' is the first of many tracks to come from Martin H & Peter Gun.

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