Artist: Martin Accorsi
Title: Ascent / Inside Out
Label: Inversus Limited
By: Chloe Harris | 3 April 2003
  • A: Ascent
  • B: Inside Out

Martin Accorsi "Ascent / Inside Out"

Out Now on Inversus Limited

Martin Accorsi is a lovely producer and DJ from Florida. Keeping his sound deep, dark, and minimal, he delivers once again on this 12”. ‘Ascent’ is a smooth minimal number, while ‘Inside Out’ is a big room sounding floor filler.

‘Ascent’ starts in with a really thick kick, and some delayed sounds. A nice click comes in as a high hat. A brooding sound washes on top. It’s airy and spooky. A sort of distorted sounding clap comes in. All of the drums sound a bit distorted, but fit perfectly in there. A shaker comes in, but it’s slight, and just for added depth. A nice washy synth sound comes in. It’s flowy, and layers in over the drums. Breaking down we get sweeping synths along the deep airy washes. They collide together and move. The drums start to come in slowly. This is a very sweet song; great sounds and snyths, but very smooth and minimal.

‘Inside Out’ starts with a kick, and a high hat working with that kick. There’s some tribal toms in the background just filling up the space. They start to make their way into the mix used by a filter. A sample comes in, and takes us into the heavy drums. A heavy load of thunder comes up from below. It’s driving. With quick breaks, the tune holds your attention and keeps going. A metallic sound starts to come in. It’s electronic and sounds like a weird alarm. The drums and the voice all twist together. It’s trippy and heady. At the break the sound permeates through everything. The drums are still there, just hidden with a filter. Coming back in, they hit hard, with a record being spun backwards. The drums take us all the way out. A very big room song, and will appeal to a large group of people. This tune is very techy, but heavy and hard.

This is a really good package. Get this as soon as you can. Another great Martin Accorsi package, and another corker for Inversus.

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