Artist: Marris
Title: Knowledge & Happiness
Label: Nascent Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 29 November 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Bart Van Wissen Mix

Marris "Knowledge & Happiness"

Out Now on Nascent Recordings

2004 has been a great year for Nascent Recordings, which has really seen the label step up it's game with several high quality releases from Shiloh, Blue Haze and Shmuel Flash supported by their debut foray into the compilation market with Steve Gerrard's 'Thinking Out Loud' cd, and to bow out the year, they introduce us to a brand new producer, Cor Marjis. This young dutch producer named Marris is one of a growing breed of names producing some incredible music yet still being only in their teens, and his debut release 'Knowledge & Happiness', is the first of several tracks we can expect to hear over the coming months.

The 'Original Mix' is a gorgeous melodic house track with some real musicality behind it. It's melody arrangements have a quality that reminds you of Thomas Newman's superb title music for the film American Beauty and the opening moments are truly stunning. Leading into the main section of the track where a shape shifting bassline takes hold and forces things to another level, Marris drops some smooth beats over the top, building slowly to the break where the melody is reintroduced for a subtle but effective climax.

'Bart Van Wissen' provides his own touch over on the b-side. A friend of Marris', and a long time supporter of his production work. Bart takes the original template and tweaks and twists it, turning in a tougher, rolling style mix that whilst retaining the original melody slowly eases the tempo down. Using some cool percussion to build it back up as atmospheric sounds wash over the top.and climaxing in a big melodic finale, Bart Van Wissen does not disappoint with a stellar reinterpretation of this uplifting track.

'Knowledge & Happiness' continues the run of quality releases from Nascent Recordings, and closes out the year in grand fashion. With Marris set to return on the label in the new year along with follow up singles from some of the label's current roster, Nascent will be a label to keep an eye on as the new year dawns.

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