Artist: Mark Martini
Title: Meaningless Memory / Epoch
Label: Dubcoast Records
By: Chad Harnish | 29 April 2004
  • A: Meaningless Memory
  • B: Epoch

Mark Martini "Meaningless Memory / Epoch"

Out Now on Dubcoast Records

Dubcoast Records is the new record label spawned from DJ/producer, Mark Martini & Brandon Podesta. Mark's current releases on Source of Gravity Recordings and Tao Recordings have found their way into the record boxes of the top DJs from across the globe and graced the ears of thousands of club-goers.

Dubcoast Records serves as an outlet for some of Mark's newest productions along with the works of fresh new talents and established producers. Drawing from years of listening to electronic music, Mark has created a label that will focus on the beautiful elements of dance music. Dubcoast Records will provide releases that are not only dance floor oriented, but memorable in their melodies and design. Whether it be breaks, tribal or melodic house, Dubcoast Records will strive to provide every listener an unforgettable listening experience.

On this first release on Dubcoast Records, Martini steps up to the plate with two original tracks that are guaranteed to tear up dance floors around the globe.

On the 'A' side we have 'Meaningless Memory,' a peak-time groover that keeps the melodies as the main focus. Layers of keys keep this track moving while chopped up vocals creep through the background. Balanced with a driving bassline and a very tasty breakdown, this track hits hard and forceful. 'Meaningless Memory' is tempered with light ambience and smooth melody. A perfect track for those late night sessions.

On the flipside we have the 'Epoch,' a more mellow melodic stormer that is rich is layers and keys. This track is a great early night or set finisher marking a maturation of Martini's sound. 'Epoch' touches the soul with soft gentle melodies propped atop subtle ambient flows. This single will be pivotal to Mark's career opening new doors all around him.

I am anticipating great things from Dubcoast Records as they have lined up BlueRoomProject, MV and Smight on remix duties for the next three releases. It will be an exciting year for them.

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