Artist: Mark August
Title: The Wasps From Tunisia And The Silver Piggy / Scorpion's Groove
Label: Connaisseur Recordings
By: Jason Calvert | 9 February 2009
  • A: The Wasps From Tunisia And The Silver Piggy
  • B: Scorpion's Groove

Mark August "The Wasps From Tunisia And The Silver Piggy / Scorpion's Groove"Mark August "The Wasps From Tunisia And The Silver Piggy / Scorpion's Groove"

Out Now on Connaisseur Recordings

Dutch producer Mark August is a man who is relatively new to the scene but if this release is anything to go by then we will be hearing a lot more from him over the coming months I'm sure. "The Wasps..." is brought to us on Connaisseur Recordings, which has been home to releases from big names such as Ripperton, Afrilounge, and Patrick Chardronnet. Minimal has to be of a very high quality to live up to my sometimes difficult to please tastes and this release certainly exceeded my expectations on a number of levels.

The eccentrically titled "The Wasps From Tunisia And The Silver Piggy" has no elements that are immediately striking. The simplistic 4/4 beat flows underneath the whole composition whilst the eerie effects, which make up a melody float around the middle ranges in a haunting fashion. About half way though, the percussion really kicks off and by this stage the track has worked up enough energy to win over even the most cynical of music reviewers! Simple yet complex; subtle yet explosive. The only remote comparison I can draw to another would be Gui Boratto's "Tales From The Lab" but even that is a loose thread. Do yourself a favour and do not miss out on this wonderful composition. It has enough crossover appeal to win over both minimal and progressive fans.

The flipside brings us "Scorpion's Groove", which, as the title suggests, works up much more of a groovy vibe than the title track. Still minimalist in nature but boasting more housey elements giving it that sexy overall feel without going overboard. Any house DJs looking to add some class to their sets really need to get their hands all over this one. Smooth and refined in almost every way, this one rounds out the release perfectly.

There is truly little to fault with this release. In my books Mark August has gone from zero to hero instantly, as I was not familiar with his works prior to this. For those who like their electronic music to be a little more refined, fans of all styles really need to check this one out to be sure they aren't missing out on anything. Every year that goes by I become harder to impress but Mark August has easily won me over with this gem.

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