Artist: Mario & Eric J
Title: Groove And Revolution EP
Label: Source Of Gravity Records
By: Chloe Harris | 5 June 2003
  • A1: Expressions (Original Mix)
  • B1: Next Stop (Original Mix)
  • B2: Expressions (Trey Smith Mix)

Mario & Eric J "Groove And Revolution EP"

Out Now on Source Of Gravity Records

The Dallas, TX duo of Mario & Eric J turn out a great tune for Source Of Gravity called ‘Expressions’. Nice drums accompany a thick bassline, and a very spiritual vibe. Next Stop is a tripped out affair, and to top it off we get the excellent ‘Trey Smith remix’ of Expressions to complete the EP.

The 'Original Mix' of Expressions opens with driving tribal drums. Hand drums and a nice techy drum set, create a very full sound. A spirtutal voice screams over the track, as the bassline drops in. It’s a massive moving bassline that has loads of funk. A quick halt and some background sounds follow in to add lots of depth. A big roaring sound comes over the top, as the voice continues and we fall into the break. Hints of melodies and the toms carry throughout the break. The voice becomes delayed, and effected, and fits nicely into the synths. Quick, sharp snyth tones carry the song into a nice slow build, as it gathers momentum again. A really nice groove in this track.

Up next is the 'Original Mix' of Next Stop, coming in with a nice tripped out voice, and some synth lines; working into a break beat and building on from there. There’s trippy background sounds all washing together making a very rich atmosphere. Backward synths start moving in, as the track builds. The drum goes into a 4/4 but still very soothing. This is deep progressive music made for listening to.

Trey Smith adds his own twist to 'Expressions, taking things in a more tech house influenced direction.. Trey has been making his own quality music for many years, and this is just an extension of what he does so well. A nice slow beat arises, as we hear some nice drum programming. Snare rolls, and quick, drums changes create a lot of movement. The bassline comes in nice and thick but really dubby a the same time. Trippy sounds carry in the song, adding a lot of depth and character. At the break we head into a nice and easy break beat, with spacey sounds all swirling together. A great track.

This is a great record with a lot of depth, a great bassline, and a lot of variation for everyone. Recommended.

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