Artist: Marino Berardi
Title: Clear The Skies
Label: 19 Box Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 11 January 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Momu Mix

Marino Berardi "Clear The Skies"

Out Now on 19 Box Recordings

Marino Berardi, an Italian musician living in Luxembourg, has been busy with his own label MB Recordings along with the numerous releases he’s had on various labels such as Subliminal, Ovum, Siesta and Moody, to name a few. He’s never been one to stick to one type of music and kicks out some brilliant disco house with Louis Botella, while his solo music is a blend of deep and dubby sounds. 'Clear The Skies' is a sharp chord influenced tune with a driving bassline and a brilliant funky acid sound, and with a remix by break beat leaders, MOMU, there’s no way you can pass this up.

'Clear The Skies' is reminiscent of days past. Clickly claps and a deep tom work perfectly with a driving kick and bassline, which slides into a break of warm synth stabs. The stab sounds cut into the bassline while a funky Detroit influenced acid line builds underneath. The acid sound bubbles in perfect time building and changing through most of the song and winds down with everything else in the end. This has so many groovy elements to it that it should work on even the most discerning ears and has been showing up in DJ sets around the world.

'MOMU' take the track in a different direction, opening their interpretation of 'Clear The Skies' with an ambient intro and working into a tribal influenced break beat. The bassline has a similar feel to the original with its great driving sound, while the chord stabs come in more often. Quick drum fills and changes add to the songs uplifting simplicity, but leaves room for subtleties in the tune itself.

19 Box has been going strong with loads of support from big DJs and bedroom DJs alike and this is another great release. Marino Berardi really shows of his talent of mixing ideas together with different sounds from different times, while MOMU heats up the breaks. A must have at this moment.

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