Artist: Marcelo Castelli
Title: South America / The Mind Of A Tribal Man
Label: Musiq Records
By: Simon Jones | 19 March 2003
  • A: South America
  • B: The Mind Of A Tribal Man

Marcelo Castelli "South America / The Mind Of A Tribal Man"

Out Now on Musiq Records

Marcelo Castelli has made a name for himself over the last few months with a series of releases spanning labels such as Kismet Records and Low Pressings. He has also put his hand to remixes for the likes of 16B, and now returns with two new tracks for DJ Gogo's brand new label Musiq, so let's find out what he's delivered this time...

As the first drum beats of 'South America' kick in, you may think, 'oh no, not another tribal track', but don't be so quick to judge. Atmospheric sounds and a large sliding bassline add a distinct edge to this track, building a mood which hammers through a series of 'barriers' and into a massive electro tinged break that builds up some simmering energy before launching into a heads down finale. Fresh ideas and a unique approach make this a winner.

'The Mind Of A Tribal Man' builds on the template laid down by the track on the a-side, and takes things in another direction, with soft percussive loops and a hypnotic groove pulling you into it's grasp. Moody atmospheric effects gaining in prominence fill out the gaps with sub bass sounds adding depth, but it's still perhaps a bit too dark for those who have moved onto happier places. Nevertheless, worth a listen.

Musiq continues to build momentum, and as the next few releases unfold, no doubt it will be a label that gains a following amongst those who still like things on the darker end of the spectrum.

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