Artist: Mara
Title: Turning It On (Remixes)
Label: Choo Choo Records
By: Simon Jones | 5 October 2003
  • A: Rennie Pilgrem Mix
  • B: Mara Chooicide Dub

Mara "Turning It On (Remixes)"

Out Now on Choo Choo Records

Part 2 of Mara's 'Turning It On' package is a disc of more club orientated mix, with Rennie Pilgrem stepping up to add his own unique twist which should bring attention from the breaks heads, and Mara have the final word with their new update, the 'Chooicide Dub'.

From the moment you drop the 'Rennie Pilgrem Mix' of Turning It On onto the decks, you wonder just what direction he is going to take the track in, and whilst the mix may start off on a low key note with it's mixture of Spanish guitar licks and washy synth effects, things soon take a different twist. The vocal is teased in slowly, snippets drifting over the beats until Sara's full vocal reveals itself. Loops and subtle percussion keep the pace fairly relaxed, and whilst this isn't a dancefloor destroying monster, it's a well produced remix nonetheless that will sit well in practically any set. Good work from one of the break scene's leading names.

Mara on the other hand decide to revisit the original and toughen it up for the dancefloor ever so slightly with their own 'Chooicide Dub'. Having returned to the track with feedback from the original, this reinterpretation has a darker bassline, odd sounds effects and a scratching effect that rears it's head at key points in the mix. No soulfulness about this mix, this is pure heads down stuff which chugs along stamping on all that lies in it's wake. Straight out of the black heart of the studio and onto the darkness of the dancefloor, where it sits comfortably.

A complimentive set of remixes which add to the overall package, but both fall somewhat short of the superb original, but will probably appease those with a more diverse mind no end.

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