Artist: Mangan & Bonnici
Title: Schwental EP
Label: EQ Grey
By: Colin C. | 16 October 2006
  • A: Periwethel
  • B: Velvet Blunderground

Mangan & Bonnici "Schwental EP"

Out Now on EQ Grey

EQ has been on the forefront of the Australian progressive movement for some time now, grabbing up a following with compilations such as the Destination series and even more so with the popular and respected Balance mixes. In 2001 their sub-label EQ [Grey] sprouted up into the scene to give many of Australia's budding producers a change to get their work out into the world. With their 31st release they turn to two of Austraila's brightest talents Dan Mangan and Danny Bonnici who have both received praise for their work independently of each other, are now joining forces to lay down some twisting grooves.

The A-side jumps off with 'Periwethel', which locks into a four-on-the-floor groove and quickly moves into the standard prog-house fair. Rather than affix to a boring routine, the boys are able to take the formula and make it work for them. Dan's techy approach to the groove of 'Periwethel' marries nicely to Bonnici's lush soundscapes as they move throughout, twisting up synth arps as they go. Four minutes in things start to go a little into the edited, edginess that you'd expect from this duo. The second half finds them still working out the main elements of the track, yet adding in a squealing synth line to break the monotony.

On the flip side is a more epic affair with 'Velvet Blunderground'. Again the boys stick to a progressive house foundation while swirling arps and motifs carry across the opening of the tune. Reaching into the two minute mark the boys opt to drop in a classic arp’ed bass line that rolls under a droning pad and delayed out synth arrangements before giving away to a few key changes and even brighter high end synth lines. The tension builds across this track as it grinds through nearly 7 minutes of pounding grooves before the tune is topped off with a fau-guitar lead. An all around straightforward track that delivers enough drive to keep the floor grooving along.

If you are looking for some good ol' fashion grooves to move your set right along, this double sided release delivers and fans of the melodic side of prog will surely enjoy this one on an evening out. On the personal side for me I can't say this really kept me glued to my speakers as the formula presented on these two cuts doesn't deviate from the stacks of vinyl I already have, so depending on your own longevity this could be a bit of a yawner for you, or on the other hand it might be just what you were looking for to kick start a healthy prog collection. Either way there is no denying we will be seeing much more from these two in the future as both Dan & Danny are great producers and have the know how to kick out solid productions.

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