Artist: Madoka
Title: Plataforma
Label: Release Elements
By: Simon Jones | 8 June 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Elite Force Mix

Madoka "Plataforma"

Out Now on Release Elements

Madoka's ascension as a producer has been slow and steady over the past few years, but in the last few months he's really been firing on all cylinders, with the relaunch of his own Private Reality label also playing host to some superb new Madoka beats and grooves. His stock has risen with a number of remixes he's recently completed for artists such as BlueRoomProject, Pole Folder and Powerplant, but there are many original works set to drop throughout the remainder of the year. 'Plataforma' is the first to arrive, and even though it was written some months ago, it still manages to remain current, with the remix from Elite Force bringing some diversity to the release.

Madoka's 'Original Mix' is laden with those crisp drums and floaty pads that comprise a major part of his unmistakable big room sound, and as the track unfolds, you will realise that this is the sound of the big room at peak time as emotive strings creep into the heart of the groove and take over. Subtle key changes inject an interesting twist to the bassline, leading into a killer break that will hit the dancefloor for six, before taking things down low in preparation for the track's dramatic finale that will fill even a stadium with it's panoramic grandeur.

'Elite Force' becomes the first person to offer a breakbeat twist on a Madoka track on the flipside, with a unique nu skool interpretation being the result. Rippling bass, cut up loops and squelchy stabs work come together in one cohesive soundscape, with the original's melody being teased only momentarily in the break and brought to the forefront during the final moments of the track. For all the relevance there is, this could essentially be an original track, but it's a humble nod to breaks heads if nothing else.

Eagerly anticipated for some time, 'Plataforma' still sounds massive even today, but the Elite Force mix fails to ignite any fires for me, and detracts from what is otherwise a solid release from Release Elements.

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