Artist: Madoka
Title: Metamotional / Inhale
Label: Deep Focus
By: Simon Jones | 25 August 2004
  • A: Metamotional
  • B: Inhale

Madoka "Metamotional / Inhale"

Out Now on Deep Focus

Since returning to the fray several months ago, Madoka has been on an unstoppable roll, with one excellent production after another finding their way onto the record shelves. Already we have been treated to the hugely popular 'Distant Memories', not to mention numerous remixes of artists such as Powerplant, Bart Van Wissen and Pole Folder, and it looks as though he shows no signs of easing off the pedal anytime soon. This new EP for Deep Focus features two brand new Madoka originals created earlier this year, and are undoubtedly two of his finest tracks yet.

'Metamotional' is a track that was inspired by James Holden, after Madoka seen him play out in New York. It's subtle drum lines and melodic textures are a far departure from the big room sounds we would normally associate with Madoka, but there's no doubt that is a truly seminal piece of work, cool old school melodies weaving through textured beats and bass, with the warm ambience of the track giving it the depth that really brings it alive.

'Inhale' sticks closer to Madoka's original direction, but again sees a huge development of these ideas. Paying a passing nod to his more trance influenced side, this dynamic and exciting track is without a doubt my favourite production of his to date, big soaring basslines and hypnotic percussion driving forward as synths rise out of the deep groove that runs below. The introduction of the melody is a spine chilling moment, leading into an emotional breakdown that struggles to be contained within this big track, and the driving finale is the perfect note to end this track on.

This is some inspirational work from Mark Venneri, and his best work yet, even overshadowing his work as Akodama. In fact, it's not a case of always pushing slightly forward anymore, as Madoka is now pushing things forward to exciting and unknown frontiers, giving Deep Focus it's best release yet.

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