Artist: M’Ocean Feat Michelle Chivers
Title: Vertigo
Label: Feral Code Records
By: Jason Calvert | 1 March 2006
  • 1. Original Mix
  • 2. Joel Armstrong Mix
  • 3. Andrew Kelly Mix
  • 4. Andrew Kelly Dub

M’Ocean Feat Michelle Chivers "Vertigo"

Out Now on Feral Code Records

New Jersey's Michael Tomaselli steps up to the relatively new player FeralCode Records with his track 'Vertigo', featuring the vocal talents of Michelle Chivers, who will be very familiar from Nick Muir's massive 'Vision Of You', and a forthcoming number from Shiloh titled 'Vista Cruz'. The Original Mix goes for a very simplistic approach which works well, however it is the remixes which truly bring out the best in this track.

The original takes hold with a very light aura to it. The bulk of the synths and effects reside in the higher ranges, with Michelle's vocal bridging the divide between the highs and lows. The vocals provide a strong point of focus, and really help the track keep together. Nothing too groundbreaking, but certainly an effective track and a great one to just sit back and chill to.

Joel Armstrong has made quite a name for himself over the past year. From winning a Proton Music remix contest, to releasing some truly amazing tracks such as 'Park Street' and 'Serenity'. He provides a very interesting remix on this release, perhaps one which many would not have expected. It moves with bouncing rhythm, and introduces some swirling synths which give the track a very mystic and almost trippy vibe. A unique remix which showcases another side to Joel's talent, and demonstrates that he is not afraid to deviate from the more familiar sounds.

The standout mix however comes from a man who is fast becoming one of the most versatile producers in the scene at the moment. During his time producing, it is quite safe to say that Andrew Kelly has worked on tracks falling into nearly every sub-genre to be found in electronic music. His mix of 'Vertigo' goes for a more electro vibe, yet still boasts a solid foundation, making it a crossover remix in many ways. The vocal seems to gain depth by the way it has been used, and fits perfectly into the mix. After the breakdown, the mood toughens as some dirty and driving synths emerge which propel the listener through the rest of the track. For those who want fewer vocals, a dubbed version has also been thoughtfully provided.

This release has been turning quite a few heads lately, and is certainly a deviation from a lot of tracks currently being released. If you love your vocals, then you really can't go wrong with this track. Andrew's mix is by far the most complete sounding of the lot, but it is excellent to see Joel exploring new avenues on his mix. Top that off with the easy-going nature of the Original Mix, and you have a very well packaged release!

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