Artist: Lynx
Title: Future Funk EP
Label: Gravitation Records
By: Chloe Harris | 20 December 2003
  • A1: Future Funk
  • A2: GTA Reprise
  • B1: Dusk
  • B2: Travel

Lynx "Future Funk EP"

Out Now on Gravitation Records

Lynx is becoming a very diverse artist encompassing some brilliant sounds on his latest solo offering for Gravitation Records. Steve McGrath has gone out on a limb to bring us a EP that contains everything from deep progressive breaks through to downtempo and even tech house, with the results all coming together as part of this 'Future Funk EP'.

The title track 'Future Funk' takes hints of tone and melody deep into a breaky surrealistic space. Tribal drums wrapped in a thick layer of tone moves into a dreamy arpeggio stab. Breakbeats drop in while an acid tone cuts through the tones, pushing them along through the breaks. A dreamy tune with a house beat at the end.

'GTA Reprise' is a mellow drumming experience. Big reverbed drums slowly roll in while tribal drums and layers of sounds move together. A short tune that’s just right for mellow moments.

'Dusk' is a slice of gritty progressive tech house. Thick bass pounces down into the metallic drums that build nicely into an overhead ringing tone. Dropping into an eerie break, sweeping synths swirl together and drop off into a lonely kick drum that builds back into intensity along its way out.

'Travel' is a downtempo tune that leaves you wanting more. Nice smooth beats work into a symphony of lush sounds. The chord progression is mellow but very touching. A smooth bassline creates the movement and brings the song and the EP to it's end. Gorgeous.

This is a beautiful release for Gravitation. This EP is chalk full of melodies, lushness, and groovy beats so there’s definitely something here for everyone. DJs and listeners alike will appreciate this different and original EP, which will stand out for the label and Steve McGrath.

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