Artist: Lynx
Title: Effected EP
Label: Gravitation Records
By: Chloe Harris | 7 November 2004
  • A1: Danger
  • A2: Hallucination
  • B1: Effect
  • B2: First Light

Lynx "Effected EP"

Out Now on Gravitation Records

After collaborating with label boss Chris Sterio on several projects, Steve McGrath dons his Lynx moniker once more for his follow up to the successful 'Future Funk EP' from a few months back. As his reputation grows, his music evolves and the 'Effected EP' sees him delve deep into spacey sounds, hypnotic rhythms, and various styles of music. Each song has it’s own sound, from spaced out progressive to ambient to some very challenging breakbeats.

The EP opens with 'Danger', a mental spaced out progressive tune. A galloping house beat, accompanied by layers of sound that swirl over the beats. Chords lightly stab down creating a groove, while a low bassline bob steps in. All the sounds pick up as the tune travels rapidly until slowing down into a break beat that drops down into an ambient middle. Loads of trippy sci-fi sounds set in, and the drums build back into a break beat. Stabs set in and create a hypnotic synth that floats through the beats and follows the rest of the sounds till the end.

'Hallucination' is an ambient tune full of lush trippy tones that layer upon each other building a cool wall of somber sound. This could be used alone in a set or mixed with beats to add your own flavour to Lynx's sounds of outer space.

On the flip, 'Effect' soars with sweet synths, a dramatic break and a great housey groove. A cool alarm sound rings off in a light and cute way, as the drums step in bringing the funk and setting the mood. A low stabbing bassline comes in along with spacy lushy swirling synths that breathe. An arpeggiation rides in the background moving the song into a thick uplifting break that slowly builds back into a deep hypnotic groove.

'First Light' is the last of the bunch, with swirly synths and a broken beat. Uplifting synths work off the breaky snappy drums while an arpeggiator sets in changing in variation and moving the song along. The drums drops off and the break is filled with spacey sounds and thick deep bass. Piano chords drop on top creating a cool movement, while the drums build back to a peak before jumping back into the mix.

The 'Effected EP' is a sweet collection of music from Lynx. The variation that Lynx has works well for Gravitation, as they seem to take chances with the music they sign, allowing more diversity for the listener.

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