Artist: Lutzenkirchen
Title: Music For The Girls
Label: Great Stuff Recordings
By: Jason Calvert | 7 May 2007
  • A1: Music For The Girls (Original Mix)
  • A2: Music For The Girls (Deepgroove 'Dirty House' Mix)
  • B1: Music For The Girls (Huggotron Mix)
  • B2: The Core (Original Mix)

Lutzenkirchen "Music For The Girls"

Out Now on Great Stuff Recordings

Tobias L├╝tzenkirchen burst on to the scene back in '05 with the instant hit "Daily Disco" on GSR. Since then his name has become synonymous with quality electronic. His tracks are usually picked up and spun by the big boys in the scene, and even if the name isn't familiar to you, if you've hit the clubs in your area any time in the past couple of years, then you're likely to have heard at least one of his tracks or remixes. "Music For The Girls" is his latest outing on the excellent GSR label, and as always he doesn't disappoint.

As with most of his tracks, the bass hits you from all directions on the Original Mix. It pulsates in driving form throughout, and as with his previous track "Knight Moves", it features a computer-generated female vocal line. Whilst this may be a novelty touch at the moment, I'm hoping he doesn't become the next Benny Benassi and overuse this in the future. The track builds nicely without ever overdoing it, and subtly works up an excellent grove.

The British duo Deepgroove throw down the first remix, and they twist things up a fair bit. The mix takes on a more bouncy feel than the Original, and puts its focus on a reworked bassline, with some other supporting elements on top. Overall the remix didn't do a lot for me, and I felt it fell a little short of my expectations.

John Dahlb├Ąck puts on his Huggotron hat for the final remix. The remix is a lot more pounding than what one may expect from a Huggotron track (for those who were expecting something more minimal). He works around the original pulsing mood of the Original but tweaks up a fantastic melody to overlay. As the percussion goes off the track goes wild. The slightly tacky vocals don't make much of an appearance, and overall this is easily my pick of the release. Fantastic stuff.

The last track titled "The Core" takes a more minimal route than the title track. Whilst the track doesn't really build up too much momentum, it has enough glitchy elements and fx layered over a chugging bass groove to keep fans of this sound happy. Whilst it doesn't detract from the release in any way, I can't say it really adds to it either.

Whilst the Deepgroove mix was a slight let down, I wouldn't let that put you off checking this one out. The Original and Huggotron mixes are solid tracks, and are sure to cause a stir. Lutzenkirchen is in good form at the moment, but I will be interested to see where he takes his creativity on future releases. I'm hoping that sooner or later he will get tired of the computerised vocals, because for me it has just been done too often before.

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