Artist: Lutzenkirchen
Title: Knight Moves
Label: Great Stuff Recordings
By: Jason Calvert | 4 July 2006
  • A1: Original Mix
  • A2: Lutzenkirchen 'Steam' Mix
  • B1: Meat Katie Mix
  • B2: Jochen Trappe 'Deep Blue' Mix

Lutzenkirchen "Knight Moves"

Out Now on Great Stuff Recordings

The big mover you'll no doubt have been hearing about lately is Tobias Lutzenkirchen. His sly electro style is the epitome of what the crowds are drooling over lately, so his tracks really couldn't come around at a better time. 'Knight Moves' comes on the increasingly popular Great Stuff imprint, which is home to artists such as Trick & Kubic, Coburn, The Egg, Gus Gus, and many more.

The 'Original Mix' is a dark and throbbing affair. It's gritty nature allows it to get away with its simplicity. A robobic voice flows over the pounding riffs stating chess moves, which is admittedly a little odd, but it is one of those things which works! This is dark and dirty electro in its most raw form, so if that thought tickles your fantasy, you will be in heaven with this one.

However Lutzenkirchen's own 'Steam Mix' is the one which will get your blood pumping. It has a lot more force about it, and the sound is cleaner, making it much more dancefloor friendly. This one is sure to be heard in your favourite electro club, and overall feels much more complete than the original. However they are not to be compared side by side, as they both have very different target environments. This one is sure to have the dancefloors filled in no time.

'Meat Katie' provides a remix which is a deviation from the breakbeats one may have expected from him. It seems he too has jumped onto the electro bandwagon, and throws down a driving 4/4 mix. However I found the mix to be focussed a little too much around the same riff, and whilst it contains a lot of force, the depth and groove heard on Lutzenkirchen's own reinterpretation is lacking here.

Finally, the young Jochen Trappe provides his minimal take on the track. After blowing most away with his EP on Connaisseur Recordings, expectations were high for this. He goes for a similar feel to the original mix, with the gritty and bouncing synths being a big focus. But the other elements are twisted up and the whole composition is given a much more minimal feel. If minimal works for you, then this will certainly be your mix of choice from the release.

Yet another solid release from Great Stuff Recordings, whose releases are just what the listeners and clubbers are wanting at the present moment. The electro bug has certainly set in, and hence there are a lot of generic electro labels popping up providing generic electro tracks. If you are after electro which is a cut above the rest, then make sure to head over to your favourite retailer and check out their catalogue.

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