Artist: Lustral
Title: Deeper Darker Secrets
Label: Baroque Records
By: Simon Jones | 12 June 2007
  1. I Wonder Where You Are (Jaytech Mix)
  2. So This Is Summer (Oliver Moldan Mix)
  3. The Price We Pay For Love (Flash Brothers Mix)
  4. Because Of You (Noel Sanger Mix)
  5. Many Years From Now (Ralphi Rosario Mix)
  6. Everytime (Funkagenda Mix)
  7. Deepest Darkest Secrets (Martin H Mix)
  8. A Quiet Revolution (Phatjak Mix)
  9. In My Life (Slow Dancing Society Mix)

Lustral  "Deeper Darker Secrets"Lustral  "Deeper Darker Secrets"

Out Now on Baroque Records

Lustral's music has graced the last decade, with each single becoming highly regarded by DJs and music fans alike. Debut single 'Everytime' became a timeless track that is touted as being one of the defining tracks of the progressive movement, whilst further singles 'Broken' and 'Solace' become a staple of many DJ sets, mixes and compilations right across the board, such is the broad appeal of Lustral's music.

As such, for years a Lustral artist album was much rumoured, often speculated and anticipated, and whilst it's been a long time coming, 2007 now sees the release of 'Deepest Darkest Secrets', just in time for the summer months. Whilst the original versions of Lustral's music have always had a distinct crossover pop and radio appeal, it's been the remixes that have taken the tracks to the centre of the dancefloor, hence it made perfect sense for this double disc remix album 'Deeper Darker Secrets' to compliment the release of the original artist album.

Disc One opens with Jaytech's contemporary rework of 'I Wonder Where You Are'. Sticking close to the source material of the original, yet adding an upbeat twist to make it relevant to the dancefloor, its the perfect opening and foundation for what is to come. Further tracks on this disc see Oliver Moldan deliver a great club version of 'So This Is Summer', injecting his trademark elements into the mix and warping the track's elements into something dark and altogether foreboding. Other remixes come from Flash Brothers (The Price We Pay For Love and Noel Sanger (Because Of You), again keeping a relation between the sounds of the original album and the dancefloor alive.

House legend Ralph Rosario's version of 'Many Years From Now' has already received recognition from the single of the same name, and Funkagenda's update of the classic 'Everytime' plays respectful homage to the original, and never tries to surpass the flawless Nalin & Kane version from yesteryear, but provides a relevance to the sound of now with relative ease. Martin H and Phatjak bookend the first disc with two great club versions of 'Deepest Darkest Secrets' and 'A Quiet Revolution' respectively.

Disc Two sees the album venture further into the underground, as D-Nox & Beckers kick thngs off with a deep and hypnotic version of 'Many Years From Now', followed by one of Greek's finest sons as Dousk takes 'Broken to new heights via a subliminal dark and delicious tech house version that highlights his talent for layering sound and musicality, a trait that has earned him recognition as one of the best producers of the moment. The rest of the disc is filled with dub versions of some of the earlier remixes, handy for those DJs with a vocal aversion, and the end of the disc sees Quivver wheel out the quantized beats and heavy bass for an evil and twisted club version of 'Solace'.

'Deeper Darker Secrets' is a great album of remixes, as each producer adds their own distinct sound to each individual track. The fact the range of talent crosses over two decades, over half a dozen genres and still slots together as a cohesive whole is testament to the thought and planning this project had put upon it, and with the summer having just started, it's an essential purchase for the months ahead.

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