Artist: Lustral
Title: Deeper Darker Secrets (Sampler One)
Label: Baroque Records
By: Simon Jones | 7 May 2007
  • A: Everytime (Funkagenda Mix)
  • B: So This Is Summer (Oliver Moldan Mix)
  • C: Solace (Quivver Mix)
  • D: Broken (Dousk Mix)

Lustral  "Deeper Darker Secrets (Sampler One)"

Out Now on Baroque Records

After several years wait, Lustral's debut artist album 'Deepest Darkest Secrets' has finally emerged, and to compliment it, Baroque has put together a double CD set of remixes from some of the most prominent producers of the moment, with this first of two vinyl samplers featuring remixes of classic singles 'Everytime' and 'Broken', amongst others.

Funkagenda's vocal mix of 'Everytime' takes the lead. Wisely he opts not to attempt to go toe to toe with the legendary Nalin & Kane interpretation but instead sticks to his own tried and tested template. Grand strings and blissful ambience wash over a smooth, rolling bass groove, with many layers of subtle percussion topping off a great summertime mix that is likely to grace the sound systems of many terraces and beach side bars over the coming months.

Oliver Moldan meanwhile, takes things squarely to the centre of the dancefloor with his version of 'So This Is Summer'. A deep, hypnotic opening sets the mood for a heady blend of big snare lines and driving synths, with a stunning key change in the middle of the track being a sure fire reaction maker on the dancefloor for this excellent dub version.

'Solace' is one of Lustral's oldest tracks, and here gets reworked by another legend, John Graham. Taking the soft and subtle elements of the original, Quivver twists and submerges them into this dark, tech-edged remix. Quantized beats and rumbling snares clash with sliding synth rhythms and linear melodies, as Quivver's evil and foreboding soundscapes unfold throughout one of his finest remixes to date.

The final mix on the sampler comes from current flavour of the month, Dousk. His take on previous single 'Broken' wanders widely away from the upbeat and emotive nature of the original and any of the previous remixes, with a superb layered tech house take on the track being the end result.

The 'Deeper Darkest Secrets' sampler is just a snapshot of what the full album has to offer, and Baroque have done very well in assembling all these great producers on one well rounded and essential vinyl pack.

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