Artist: Luke Chable
Title: Slow It Down / Swedish Meatballs
Label: Trojan Records
By: Jason Calvert | 5 July 2006
  • A: Mad Arps - Slow It Down (It Broke Mix)
  • B: Luke Chable - Swedish Meatballs (I Don't Know)

Luke Chable "Slow It Down / Swedish Meatballs"

Out Now on Trojan Records

Interesting release here on Luke Chable's Trojan imprint. The first is the well known 'Slow It Down' by Mad Arps which is signed to Tiesto's Black Hole Recordings. As the remix wasn't what they were after, Chable has brought it to his own label so we can all enjoy it! The second, 'Swedish Meatballs', originally begun as a remix for Lost Language, but after a bit of a mess up, Chable has just cut the vocals and put the track out!

Chable's sound is evolving; there is no doubt about that. Some people aren't sure if this is a good thing or not, because they are used to the older style of his work. However, if an artist were to never change, we would surely get bored with them eventually! He works up Julie Harrington's vocal on 'Slow It Down' in amazing fashion. He then throws these twisted samples down over a huge squelching bassline. The other fx and percs which make up the track fit in very well, and the result is a sly and unique number which is already proving to be a favourite amongst many.

'Swedish Meatballs' goes for a much more electro feel to the flipside. The pace has a driving sort of feel to it, and hence the percussion is very tight. Layered over this is a very stabbing electro melody. The bassline is quite twisted, and when coupled with Chable's stutter fx popping up in many areas, the composition comes off as being quite haunting.

Chable has recently showcased to us just how versatile he can be, and I have always been a supporter of producers who can quickly move between genres. There is no question that Chable is one of the biggest names to come out of Australia, and things only seem to be getting better for him! A solid release for Trojan Records, who are yet to let us down with any of their releases.

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