Artist: Luke Chable
Title: Melburn / Into The Storm
Label: Bedrock Breaks
By: Chloe Harris | 29 March 2004
  • A: Melburn
  • B: Into The Storm

Luke Chable "Melburn / Into The Storm"

Out Now on Bedrock Breaks

Luke Chable has taken over the planet with his moody breakbeats, beautiful synths, and creative programming. He's bold and always trying out new production techniques. His music finds its way into the record boxes of the biggest DJs and he has recently been offered the chance to create an upcoming compilation for Release Records. His next single 'Melburn' shakes up a sampled guitar and smooth breaks, while 'Into The Storm' twists into a gorgeous dreamy escape of watery sounds and mellow beats.

'Melburn' is built around a slightly grunge influenced guitar riff that shakes and moves. The breaks roll in building on top of the guitar perfectly. Synths start in while the guitar grows louder. The drums continue to build and the hypnotic sounds take you in. A smooth bassline lies underneath. This is a very uplifting tune, but definitely something to rock floors.

'Into The Storm' is a beautiful layered tune with sparkling melodies and smooth breaks. Filtered drums start in with a slight hint of melody that hides in the background. Ocean waves roll into the dreams and bring in new layers of pad sounds while random notes are played. The break brings in a new arpeggiated rhythm that works in and floats with the tune till the end. This is a beautiful song. Don’t miss it.

With his compilation under way for Release Records, Luke Chable is one to watch. He has tapped into his own sound and we all love him for it. Grab this as soon as you can. You will not be disappointed.

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