Artist: Luke Chable
Title: Eat Static / After The Storm
Label: Zero Tolerance
By: Simon Jones | 24 April 2003
  • A: Eat Static
  • B: After The Storm

Luke Chable "Eat Static / After The Storm"

Out Now on Zero Tolerance

Luke Chable has really been firing on all cylinders this year. Starting with the release of his track 'Sealer's Cove' earlier this year, we have been treated to 'Bitter and Twisted' under his Quest guise, and still to come are remixes of PQM's 'You Are Sleeping'. Blackwatch's 'Word Unspoken' as well as collaborations with Nu Breed, to name but a few.. but never mind about that, because for now Luke delivers quite possibly two of his finest tracks to date, 'Eat Static', and 'After The Storm'

Soft, intricate hi-hats slip you into 'Eat Static' but don't be fooled for a second as this track more than lives up to it's name. As the beats start taking a chunk out of the groove, the percussion becomes more and more loose, giving way to the evil bass and snare riffs that commence to take over the track as drums slip between each section of effects. The break comes early, changing the direction as the drums become heavy and more delayed, a low sub bass rhythm sliding across the backdrop, picking up pace and intensity, before letting all the channeled energy unfold in the distuburing outro. Masterful mindf*ck material from down under..

'After The Storm' is a complete contrast, it's rattling percussion leading us into a powerful melody line which cuts straight through the centre of the track. With the beats rising and falling, a breathy female vox sample drifts subconiously to the surface as the warmth of the groove washes over the beats, the odd yet eerie effect lifts above the already emotive melody. Building towards the break, the bottom end drops out leaving only the percussion and melody, which keeps the mood going before the beats return for a dramatic outro, ending in a soft breakbeat outro to put the icing on the cake. I could say a lot of things to describe this track, but superb does the job nicely..

A pair of tightly produced tracks which compliment each other. A well rounded 12" like no other. In fact.. f*ck the hard sell, as if you need to be told that this rocks. Buy it now.

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