Artist: Luis Paris
Title: Frenzeed Funk
Label: Orient Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 14 September 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: King Of Cool Breaks Mix

Luis Paris "Frenzeed Funk"

Out Now on Orient Recordings

Luis Paris, head honcho of Orient Recordings and long standing member of Plastic Fantastic has after years of producing under guises like Paris & Sharp, Innervision, PS Project and others, cut loose and gone solo with 'Frenzeed Funk', a tribal laden tune with old school stylings and spoken words about rhythms and grooves. King Of Cool deliver a great funky breaks mix that is sure to please fans on the flip. Hugo, best known as the DJ for progressive pioneers Fluke, and Dave Snell, from Swain & Snell fame, change the tune up and make it something for the funky moving floor.

Tribal beats with an Indian flare create a solid driving percussion opening up the 'Original Mix', while also paving the path for a sassy funky saxophone. Dropping down into a hefty rumbling bassline, spoken words move over the tune talking about the bass and rhythm and how there’s no funk without either. Older raved up synths creep from behind and lift the tune to new peaks traveling with more words, beats and breaks then before.

A sweet funky break beat groove starts the 'King Of Cool Breaks Mix'. Building layers of percussion, cut up spoken words fill in the gaps, while a low groove sets in warbling underneath. Spacey sounds infiltrate the background, and tiny beeps settle in nicely while the old school stabs come in working off the beats. A rocking sound comes in pulling the song into a break full of words and sounds. A new synth bubbles behind the beats, and moves along with the rest of the tune till the end.

This is a nice release for Orient Recordings, but doesn't provide must staying power. The spoken vocal could have been more tripped out and the low end could use a bit more beef. The King Of Cool mix is what really does the business here and should be found in the boxes of the Plump DJs and Meat Katie.

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