Artist: Lostep
Title: Burma
Label: GU Music
By: Simon Jones | 6 May 2004
  • A1: Burma (Original Mix)
  • B1: Burma (Lostep Stoned Immaculate Mix)
  • B2: The Roots (Reprise)

Lostep "Burma"

Out Now on GU Music

Early in 2003, Lostep made their debut with 'The Roots', and since then both Luke Chable and Phil K have made a major impact on the music scene, both as producers and DJs. Having finally found time to start assembling material for an album project, the duo have crafted 'Burma', a track that has been eagerly anticipated after being championed by the usual suspects over the past few months as an edited version, and now landing in it's full extended format, is sure to get a few vinyl junkies excitable

The 'Original Mix' is a journey through experimental breaks, but we've come to expect no less from the men behind the project. A solid bassline rocks at the heart of the track, with big drums cutting through and dropping out of the bottom, creating an swelling atmosphere that soon becomes a vital part of the overall soundscape. It's when the wailing ethnic vocals and soaring main section unfold that the appeal of the track becomes apparent, with bubbling melodies adding a glistening vibe that remains through the frenzied and cut up arrangement that brings things to an end on a dramatic note, with the second drop being a floor destroyer that only Chable and PK are capable of.

Taking a stripped back approach on the 'Stoned Immaculate Mix', Lostep create a dynamic and bass heavy ambient interpretation that is brimming with emotion, but still managing to maintain an intense edge that will fill any room. The beats are saved until the end here, but as the mood is built up to breaking point, they reveal themselves amidst some rumbling stabs, exploding into an uplifting finale that ends things nicely, and with the added 'Reprise' of 'The Roots' also on this b-side, you have two massive and emotional downtempo reworkings to use in your sets.

A solid track from Lostep once again, but although this package is packed fill of ambient mixes and reprises, perhaps an extra remix might not have gone amiss, but as it stands it's a welcome introduction to the duo's forthcoming artist album, and another decent release from GU Music.

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