Artist: Lostep
Title: Burma (Remixes)
Label: GU Music
By: Simon Jones | 19 July 2004
  • A: Sasha Mix
  • B: Trafik AM Rub

Lostep "Burma (Remixes)"

Out Now on GU Music

A few weeks ago when I reviewed the original 12" of Lostep's 'Burma', I commented that some extra remixes would not have gone amiss to give the release that extra edge. Obviously someone at GU HQ was listening (or it could indeed be coincidental) as the latest release on GU Music just happens to be new updates of the track, with Sasha's own reworking from his 'Involver' album getting a full release in it's own right alongside a new mix from the Trafik boys, who have taken time from putting the final touches to their eagerly anticipated artist album to deliver their own interpretation.

The 'Sasha Mix' is regarded by many to be one of the standout tracks on his 'Involver' album, and here it is in it's full 12+ minute form. The original's key appeal was its deep, driving soundscapes, but Sasha totally reworks the track, beefing up the beats and turning in a satisfying breakbeat mix that has excellent progression and sound engineering. It could be described as a slow burner, but in this case it's drawn out build up works superbly as different elements of the original are brought in and out of the main groove, creating a layered, dynamic mix that is absolutely stunning.

'Trafik' stick to the dark template of the original, creating a devasting four to the floor mix that brings downtempo elements and house grooves together as one, over the course of it's duration, the snarling bassline that grinds through the centre creating a moody tension that simmers nicely, as the original's melodies and vocals are brought in from the background, peaking midway, before the bottom end drops out and the dark pounding beats make their presence felt, and leading this stellar club mix to it's final destination.

Both mixes bring something different to the table, taking the original idea of 'Burma' off in two wide and varied directions, and both adding an edge to the track that the original lacked for many. One of the best releases on GU Music to date, the quality of which will hopefully be matched by some of the forthcoming projects that are scheduled from Trafik and Ashtrax.

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