Artist: Lostep
Title: Because We Can / Theme From A Fairytale
Label: GU Music
By: Jason Calvert | 1 February 2006
  • A: Because We Can
  • B: Theme From A Fairytale

Lostep "Because We Can / Theme From A Fairytale"

Out Now on GU Music

Luke Chable and Phil K have each done some amazing work for the scene as solo artists, and together as Lostep they have released stormers such as "The Roots" and "Burma". Their unforgettable remix of the Shpongle classic "Dorset Perception" blew crowds away across the globe whenever it was spun, and will certainly always be easily found in my collection. The two tracks presented here showcase what looks to be an evolved sound for Lostep, going deeper and not afraid to be eccentric. This experimentation with new sounds was highlighted on Chable's sexy remix of the latest Group Therapy track titled "Faith Again", and we're accepting with open arms here on this release!

"Because We Can" is an amazingly twisted composition, with the bassline roaring out of control as the percussion plods along. As the pace picks up slightly, more texture is thrown in, however the simple effects are what makes the track, the bassline merely gives these effects a platform on which to stand. In a way which only Luke and Phil could pull off, the mass of noise works, and it works in such a way that the crowds will absolutely love, at least here in Australia anyway!

Take a step back for a breather as we get to "Theme From A Fairytale", as the mood is almost the polar opposite of the flipside. The track is a collaboration with Habersham, who is becoming unstoppable as of late. He seems to embrace all things original in his work, thus nearly always making it stand out above the rest. A slow and swaying breakbeat sets the mood, as some moody synths set up a very emotional atmosphere, reminiscent of those heard on Petter's classic "These Days". Anyone who was a fan of that track will absolutely love this one, as it holds the same element of sorrow in the way it builds. A surprisingly emotional outing, and certainly not what I was expecting for the flipside of such a hectic A Side!.

GU Music hit the mark here, with what I felt was a much stronger release than the previous outing from Phonique. What is great about it is that people who buy it for the crazy A Side will be introduced to the blissful mood of the B Side, and vice-versa. We can look forward to an album from the Lostep guys coming soon titled "Because We Can", and going by the quality we have witnessed from the guys in the past, it should be quite an album! The diversity that a handful of labels seem to be embracing lately is highly refreshing, and puts the scene in very good stead for the future.

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