Artist: Livio & Roby Feat George G
Title: Monochrome
Label: Only Records
By: Darren Rhys | 2 April 2007
  • 1. Original Mix
  • 2. Karran & Porter Mix
  • 3. Reprise

Livio & Roby Feat George G "Monochrome"

Out Now on Only Records

Adi Dumitra's Only Records came about in 2003, with the simple objective of putting out great records. Building from a solid platform of releases by the likes of Subsky and Rouzbeh Delavari, we find ourselves in 2007, with each 'Only' release being amongst the most anticipated across the spectrum of underground dance music. The latest offering comes in the form of Romania's Monochrome, with mixes from Karran & Porter and Monochrome alter-ego Livio & Roby. Something which has always impressed me about Only Records is its ability to move with developing genres and evolving trends, while still managing to retain its identity.

The 'Original Mix' from Monochrome is, quite simply, a stellar piece of house music. Beautiful floating synths and emotive string sequences sit on a bed of crisp, punchy percussion, while a massive bassline wreaks havoc through the heart of the track. The breakdown is monstrous, a series of arpeggiated rhythms riding alongside a gliding bassline, before things build in typically euphoric fashion to the closing stages of a top-notch track which oozes class and majesticness.

Karran & Porter's Mix takes on a tougher approach, building it's foundations around a solid electro-infused bassline and tight, bouncy percussion. The strings borrowed from the original parts feature prominently, as do the arpeggiated melodies, which take on a slightly proggier feel in places. Some huge pads create a warm bed of atmosphere as they swirl through the soundscape, while the well-placed fx hits add a nice twist of funk. A nice alternative to the original, Karran & Porter's Mix will certainly find favour for those looking for a slightly deeper mix with an electro edge.

Finally, Livio & Roby take the reins and rework the original piece, presenting a deeper, more minimal ‘Reprise’. Subby, rolling beats take hold of the track while those stunning synths casually drift into its crux. It's the percussive elements which project a moodier, more progressive feel, juxtaposing the musical elements very effectively indeed. I have a suspicion this will be the weapon of choice for many.

Overall, a typically impressive release from Only Records, whom with each release augment their reputation further. The range of mixes on this release are inspired, offering something from almost everyone, which in truth has been a feature of the label's releases since it's birth 4 years ago. If you like dance music, then I'd be surprised if you aren't digging at least one of these mixes.

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