Artist: Legend Of Talking Dog
Title: My Shadow Dances
Label: Hooj Choons
By: Simon Jones | 10 June 2003
  • A: Mr Velcro Fastner Mix
  • B: Red Jerry Disco Dog Mix

Legend Of Talking Dog "My Shadow Dances "

Out Now on Hooj Choons

Legend Of Talking Dog is another alias for New York producer Phl Jason, better known to many as Jas. Having joined the Hooj roster several months back, thus bringing to us the track 'Hitchiking', he now follows it up nicely with the sublime vocal house number 'My Shadow Dances' featuring the vocals of Cat Randall, with mixes provided by Mr Velcro Fastener and Red Jerry.

'Mr Velcro Fastener' is up first, and turns in a corker of an electro breaks mix. Drum loops mesh with the deep and trippy percussion early on, keeping the bass tight and consistent whilst the vocals of Cat Randall float up and over the rising beats. Layered bleeps and string sections add an extra dimension to the track, with the end result being a joy to listen to.

Meanwhile 'Red Jerry' drops in a huge pulsating bassline on his 'Disco Dog' mix, with oodles of swirling ambience and electro stabs creating a bobbing groove that the vocal intertwines itself into the heart of the mix. Nice deep house elements add a certain warmth to the flow and lend themselves to a sublime yet perfect outro to bring another well produced mix from the Hooj maestro to an end.

A star turn is delivered by Mr Velcro Fastener, who also appears on the second disc. but if you are looking for two very unique cuts for your record box, this 12" will more then satisfy your thirst.

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