Artist: Lee Jones
Title: There Comes A Time
Label: Aus Music
By: Antonella Sirec | 22 January 2007
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Prins Thomas Mix

Lee Jones "There Comes A Time"

Out Now on Aus Music

For as long as I can remember, I've been listening to dance music in one form or another and as such it's been a constant source of inspiration for me with my everyday life. While I generally enjoy just about every release that I have the pleasure of hearing, there are very few that stop me from what I'm doing and force me to pay attention. One track that has quite literally jumped up and slapped me to attention is 'There Comes A Time' by the multi talented Lee Jones. Those familiar with his name will already know that he's a member of the successful Berlin based outfit My My but it's with this impending release that he's set to further establish himself as a producer in his own right.

The original mix of 'There Comes A Time' opens to the sound of washed synths and chords that almost sound like droplets. As soon as the beat comes in, the melody glides into play and the track takes on a deep house spectrum. This, for me, is such a sensual track that I immediately found very easy to like and therefore enjoy. The bass is used in very sublime manner to gently steer the track but never overpowering it as the main focus is primarily kept on the melody. The droplets of chords, which are quite melodic themselves, work effortlessly in conjunction with the main melody and the overall effect is quite a trippy sound. Minute sound effects are sprayed throughout that also help to contribute an interesting facet to this particular version. But without question, this track is a success simply because of that gliding melody which weaves in and out at vary points in quite a teasing manner. This particular sound just adds to the sensuality of this track and I'm left wondering whom Lee Jones had in mind when he put this creation together. Love it!

If the original mix of 'There Comes A Time' is a light and sensual affair, then the Prins Thomas remix is its complete opposite. This interpretation quite literally slithers from start to finish, as the focal point here now is the sound of a menacing bass. The chord droplets that were a main feature of the original are now used sporadically and more for effect. That gliding melody that I found very alluring can now be heard more as a background feature as the track slowly slinks along at its own pace. Throughout the duration, there are tense moments brought on by various synths, which increase in volume but each time that intensity is cut back down by that brooding bass. This is such a dark interpretation that is almost scary but at the same time, you can't help being drawn to it. I have no doubt that this will cave a few heads in given the right environment. And while I'm not the biggest fan of tracks being longer then ten minutes, at just over twelve minutes, this particular remix has been handled exceptionally well. It's never dull or boring and continued to pique my interest with the way each pocket of sound was treated. In all honesty, if this had been twenty minutes long, I wouldn't find fault with it and probably wouldn't have noticed the amount of time that had lapsed. To simplify things: this is a bloody awesome remix!

To say that my mouth dropped when I first listened to Lee Jones' new release is quite an understatement. The initial impact left the word "wow" seared across my mind along with many varying visuals. And the beauty here is that with every subsequent listen, I've found more and more to like about this release. The original mix of 'There Comes A Time' is exactly as I described, and is sensual in a very introxicating way. There’s a certain warmth to this track that keeps me coming back for more and partnered with those deep house grooves, it's a definite winner all round. On the flipside, its counterpart, the Prins Thomas remix, is something that really floored me. This is an interpretation that I was not expecting, in fact I'm not sure I knew what to expect but those darkly rendered grooves certainly worked to keep me both intrigued and constantly interested. If ever there were a track that sounded as if it were literally slithering around me, this one would be it. Overall, this is one release that I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone irrespective of what style of music they enjoy.

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