Artist: Lee Burridge & Andy Page
Title: Do You Smoke Pot
Label: Almost Anonymous
By: Nick Williams | 29 March 2007
  • A1: Do You Smoke Pot?
  • B1: Why Are The Pretty Ones Always Insane?
  • B2: It's Not The Size It's What You Do With It

Lee Burridge & Andy Page "Do You Smoke Pot"

Out Now on Almost Anonymous

For the third release on Lee Burridge's impressive Almost Anonymous label, we finally see the day of release for the projects that Lee completed with Andy Page some three or so years ago. The ever coveted 'Do You Smoke Pot?' has been a staple on Lee's tours across the globe, and through the ever complicated world of label management and petty political hoopla, these songs are finally going to be available. To back that up we have two other singles that stand up and demand your attention, songs that only these two crazy kooks could have concocted.

'Do You Smoke Pot?' is a bouncy, groovy house-influenced number that takes us off in a direction that I haven't seen Andy Page go in, and I like it. Having first heard this back a good three years ago, this song has not lost anything in its years of silence. The editing and sound manipulation in just the percussion alone is worth remembering. We are greeted with an ominous reverbed vocal line that sets the stage for a bouncy bassline and edits from the documentary "Grass". The bassline takes over while Andy Page typical stutters and edits the percussion and bongo line to keep everything fresh and lively. The real beauty of this song is in the details, which allows for a very simple overall progression without becoming dull. The breakdown features a bit more of the sample while the bassline bends deeper and deeper. This one is definitely a keeper with me and I am glad it is finally seeing the light of day.

'Why Are The Pretty Ones Always Insane?' gets going by way of a very swirled texture which builds gradually into what I was expecting from the pair. A bit more abstract than the a-side, yet conveying a similar tone, just a bit more twisted. We are met with harder beats and more energy, and you are drawn right into the carnage once the groove gets going. Some serious mind twisting and twirling if you ask me, focused on a round and dynamic synthy stab that just keeps evolving through the soundstage. A hollow bridge takes us into Andy's corner with breakbeats and a groove that is so reminiscent of some of his work around the time that this was made. We then get taken into a pretty ridiculous electric guitar riff that rocks it out with justice. This one is a party starter for sure.

While the other two tracks are gems that, for some reason or another, got strung along with no means to set sail to the public realm, this next track on the EP eluded the buzz, yet it holds it own in its own way. 'It's Not The Size, It's What You Do With It' is the closest one on this release to your typical B Side number. This is definitely the chugger of the bunch, with a simple bass lead hook, that pokes its way into the mix. Some similar stab-like elements get the Page rubdown, and funk their way around. Like the title implies, there are really not that many elements to the track, yet Lee and Andy keep it creative throughout.

All in all this EP impressed me very much and I look forward to the next Almost Anonymous release. I just hope that Lee doesn't wait another three years before putting out his next collaboration.

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