Artist: Lazy Fat People
Title: Big City / Dark Water
Label: Border Community
By: Brian Myers | 8 June 2006
  • A1: Big City (Original Mix)
  • A2: Big City (Ripperton's Beat Tool)
  • B1: Dark Water (Original Mix)
  • B2: Big City (Mirko's Tool)

Lazy Fat People "Big City / Dark Water"Lazy Fat People "Big City / Dark Water"

Out Now on Border Community

Native Switzerland DJs Rapheal Ripperton and Mirko Loko are getting a lot of buzz these days branching out from their home border into a community of friends like James Holden, Petter, the MFA, and Nathan Fake. Border Community is out with their twelfth release showing no signs of struggle in their reign to champion music with a unique sound. Canada's Jesse Somfay is the first winner in "The Great Border Cmmunity Colouring Competition" held at, where Lazy Fat People chose his designed to be the cover for their release. The competition is still running for future Border Community tracks. Lazy Fat People definitely accentuate the highly idiosyncratic style of Border Community with their debut release together.

'Big City' immediately entices the curiosity with an echoing synth melody over an eclectic rhythm pattern. When the bass-line joins the track, a series of synths emphasize the habitual alterations of contrasting abstract elements. The arrangement put together by these two is an alluring adaptation of the minimal electronic theme. The end of this track seems to breakdown the course fulfilling that this story has a introduction, climax, and resolution. 'Big City' is already featured on James Holden's avant-garde 'At the Controls' album on Resist Music and getting a lot of interest from DJs such as John Digweed, Josh Wink and Damian Lazarus.

Rapheal's remix to 'Big City' is comprised of a tone led & bass driven underscore which manoeuvres its way through a suspense of rhythmic patterns; a pulse compliment to its original. Mirko on the other-hand has taken his remix on the heir of a synthesized solo. With the removal of bass-lines and driving drums, the track is an ambient vision of synths and babbling cadence. 'Dark Water' is a song title quite worthy of its sound. This heavy bass-driven track plunges through a flurry of edits and echoing tones while drums ripple deeper into an obscure abyss. It is an exciting journey due to the progressive changes of unique snaps and hollow drum composition.

Lazy Fat People leave people wanting more from the minds of this Swiss duo. They have scheduled releases on Obsolete records, Wagon Repair, and Planet E in the coming months. For those who desire the exclusive sound of LFP, your hunger will undoubtedly be fed well into the summer of 2006.

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