Artist: Late Night Sneaky
Title: Le Boom / Detonator
Label: Electrofly Records
By: Simon Jones | 8 March 2004
  • A: Le Boom
  • B: Detonator

Late Night Sneaky "Le Boom / Detonator"

Out Now on Electrofly Records

Electrofly heads overseas for it's latest release, calling on West Coast flyboys Late Night Sneaky to cook up a double header of cuts. Having graced such labels as Distinctive and Baroque with their diverse sounds, the collective led by Michael Anthony and B.Smiley continue their experiments with 'Le Boom' and 'Detonator', and the quality soon shines through.

'Le Boom' bridges the gap between tough and funky with it's mixture of smooth licks and guitar-esque riffs. Big beats drill through the groove whilst the bass hits deep in the depths of the groove. A soft female vocal refrain is slipped in amongst the crazy arrangements. Sweeping effects glide across the top leading into a warm finale where the vocal refrain is brought back in over a bad of sublime licks and kicks, wrapping up this quirky but oh so addictive track.

'Detonator' ventures down the more progressive path, killer bass and electronic sounds quickly stamp their mark on this rather unique track. The funky element prevalent in it's a-side counterpart is also on hand here, with subtle key changes and killer bass changing up the pace to keep things interesting. Watch out for the break and the ensuing drops, each of which will take the floor off on several different tangents before bringing them back to the centre thirsty for more.

This release from Late Night Sneaky further shows the Electrofly label's willingness to not be tied down to any one sound or genre, and though this may be purist for some, it has the usual Electrofly quality stamp all over it, which means you should pick up a copy without hesitation.

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