Artist: Lank
Title: Cowboys Again / Slushy Dub
Label: Boz Boz Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 30 November 2006
  • A: Cowboys Again
  • B: Slushy Dub

Lank "Cowboys Again / Slushy Dub"

Out Now on Boz Boz Recordings

As a DJ who spends much of his time playing in places like Eastern Europe, John Graham often stumbles across music from producers who often aren't that well known outside of their home countries. Duskie J was one of these, and now Hungary's Lank is another, who makes his debut here on Graham's own Boz Boz label with a two track release.

'Cowboys Again' takes the lead, with it's rolling snares and low-end kick making a statement of intent from the opening. If there's one strikingly obvious thing about this track, is that it's got some serious pumping rhythm as it's nucleus. In fact, the arrangement and progression is very akin to Graham's own productions as Quivver. By no means a bad thing. Whilst the ideas have all been done before, this is a solid, well produced track that will likely find itself a fan, particularly amongst those who still have a soft spot for big room progressive house.

'Slushy Dub' is cut from the same cloth, but presented in a slightly different way, with some heavier drum percussion and warm synths creating a nice hypnotic mood within the track. Whilst it takes time to find it's momentum, the funky licks and chord changes in the main section of the track work well, and much like it's counterpart, is a solid and versatile track that will find its way into a few record boxes.

As his "major label" debut, Lank shows promise with some slick production and big room sounds. Whilst the ideas presented here refer to some basic grass roots progressive house classics from yesteryear, there is definitely some promise shown in the production quality, and as such, this young Hungarian might be one to watch closely over the coming months.

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