Artist: Kriece
Title: Heron Castle
Label: EQ Grey Ltd
By: Chloe Harris | 19 December 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Hernan Cattaneo Mix

Kriece "Heron Castle"

Out Now on EQ Grey Ltd

Kriece has made waves this year with his funky tech inspired house music. His last effort created with production partner Basek called 'The Alcohouse EP' found its way into the boxes of every high profile DJ, including James Zabiela who has touted him as one of his favorite producers. In the last eight years, Kriece has moved up the ranks with his DJ sets in Australia, playing along side John Digweed, Carl Cox, Dave Seaman and others, while his productions with Jeff Bennett, Earth Deuley and Apoll, are being scooped up DJs and listeners alike. 'Heron Castle' is a head trippy tech house tune, while on the flip Hernan Cattaneo funks things up with a dirty bassline and galloping beats.

The 'Original Mix' has a cool retro drum set up with lazer zaps and techy beats, engulfed in a cool groove and mental voices which carries the tune. Cool percussion starts in with pops and crackles, while a sneaky groove drops into the beats and gets the song moving. Random bits of sounds tumble and fall into the beats and a ringing tone takes off flying around and spinning through the atmosphere. The groove gets funkier and the percussion rides along dropping in and out, while the voices change into a liquidy wall of sound wrapping up the tune.

'Hernan Cattaneo' provides a rare remix, turning out a sweet and funky chugging interpretation with production partner John Tonks. Slappy drums and cut up vocal bits build a great galloping percussive background. The bass steps in with a funky dirty bigger-than-the-original bassline that chugs along with the now marching beat. A sort of jazzy disco tone moves in over the top following the drums and dropping everything into a break. The voices carry on and get twisted and torn up by effects while a smooth rolling bass joins in. Spooky synths come into play before the beats kick back in and the funky chug rides on out.

'Heron Castle' is another stellar release on EQ Grey Ltd. There is no doubt in my mind that this will be a huge tune for many DJs all around the world, as it has been for Hernan, John Digweed and others. Kriece has been busy working hard on music and it shows in this and his other more recent productions, and he will be one to watch in 2005 without a doubt.

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