Artist: Kriece
Title: Cork In The Ocean
Label: EQ Grey
By: Antonella Sirec | 16 November 2006
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Jim Rivers Deep Ocean Dub

Kriece "Cork In The Ocean"

Out Now on EQ Grey

As a reviewer, I often find myself in the privileged position of being able to listen to releases by artists from all over the world representing genres that fall into the many aspects of dance music today. But as an Australian, none get me more exciting then being able to write about the music that producers are creating in my very own backyard. With 2006 turning out to be a spearhead for many talented artists from these shores, another local set to turn heads with his productions is Perth's very own Kriece. Released through the respected label EQ Grey, Kriece's latest offering, 'Cork in the Ocean', is a successful example of the high calibre talent that is easily found on this side of the world.

The original mix of 'Cork in the Ocean' is a warmly addictive number that begins timidly with padded beats and then gradually moves onto a richer sound scape through varying layers of lush melodies and special effects. For the duration of the tune, it remains on a balanced plane without any sudden structural changes. There are no dramatic dips and peaks; just gradual increases in tempo and texture. The track's success is entirely dependant on the lushly interwoven melodies that play throughout and touch on a deep house sound but never really immerses itself completely in that genre. This is a beautifully crafted tune that speaks volumes about its producer and the depths of his talents. As a stand-alone track, 'Cork in the Ocean' is more about losing yourself in the warm layers of chords and riffs then getting you a dance floor. It begs to be heard over and over again. With that in mind, it is one of the most satisfying releases I've had the pleasure of listening to this year.

The Jim Rivers Deep Ocean Dub breathes a different kind of life into 'Cork in the Ocean' by reworking it into a moody dance floor number. Opening on a more precise beat, the feel of the track is instantly different from that of the original. More textured in feel, occasional washed synths and gradual key changes add an interesting layer to the overall sound. While this rendition still maintains the warm qualities that were inherent in the original mix, this time, the feel is more uplifting as emphasis is placed on the bass and the up tempo beat. Add to that the odd spacey special effects and snippets of a vocal, 'Cork in the Ocean' takes on yet another interesting facet in sound. While gradually growing in atmosphere at varying points, the melodies are richer in feel and thus contribute to the tune's progressive sound. Of the two interpretations, the Jim Rivers rework will find an appealing spot on any dance floor. Much like the original, it too retains a listening appeal that benefits the track with each subsequent listen.

Overall, this is an extremely polished and thoroughly enjoyable release from one of Australia's most talented artists. Both versions of 'Cork in the Ocean' appeal to my ear in differing ways. While the original mix, has a distinctive headphone appeal and is more subdued of the two, the success of the Jim Rivers Deep Ocean Dub lies perfectly on its obvious dance floor appeal. Either way, while not breaking any new territory, both portray a superior quality in sound and production that has been lacking in many releases this year. While I've not be overly familiar with Kriece's previous productions, it's 'Cork in the Ocean' that has made me really sit up and take note. With that, I look forward to his future releases as he undoubtedly has a long career ahead of him if this release is any indication.

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