Artist: Kosmas Epsilon
Title: Paranoid
Label: Groovecollection Records Black
By: Andy Dixon | 21 May 2007
  • 1. Original Mix
  • 2. Elias Tzikas Mix
  • 3. Eelke Kleijn Mix
  • 4. Elias Kazais Mix
  • 5. Tekhead Mix

Kosmas Epsilon "Paranoid"

Out Now on Groovecollection Records Black

Epsilon is the fifth letter of the Greek alphabet but Kosmas Epsilon isn't fifth in Greece's underground electronic scene. In fact in 2004, he was voted Greece's best new DJ and his popularity all over the world has continued to grow since then. His original works have included 'Ill Ssa' on Dave Seaman's Audio Therapy and 'Sorry for Being Rude' recently featured on Nick Warren's Shanghai GU. His remixes included sterling efforts rearranging FC Kahuna and V-Sag & Andrew K. He even just released a mixed album entitled Addicted with Luke Chable. With the Paranoid EP on Groovecollection Black Records, more success is coming. This release includes the original and four superb remixes, each one offering something different.

The original is cheeky and hard driving. It builds slow but constant. Erupting by a continual addition of layers into the fold and finding a melody over droning pads, acid scales, and quick attacking hits. The highlight is after all these players have been introduced and the beat turns into a hard hit breakbeat for only a phrase, but the increase in energy drives until the last bar.

The Elias Tzikas remix starts unbalanced. Like an overloaded washing machine, it wobbles with a mechanical perfection until the beat hits fully. It uses the psychedelic pull of the original in conjunction with a randomized combinator - that grumbles throughout the track - to push its methodical message.

The Eelke Kleijn remix is already featured on Hernan Cattaneo Sequential Volume 2 and one of John Digweed's Transitions radio shows. It lightens up the hard beats and pads its way into a gorgeous piece of tech house with an emphasis on the house. With a bouncy bass and added harmonies from the extracted melody of the original, it dances into a unique vibe that feels like a completely different tune.

The Elias Kazais remix is techier with a faster blip of a beat. It takes longer strands from the original but rearranges them to flirt with the pushing tempo and steadfast consistency. It twice fades to nothingness, nearly going silent, just to reform and rebuild into the familiar layers from the original. Each time just rejuvenating the quickest and vigor it began with.

The Tekhead remix completes the set with the straight progressive version. Taking advantage of the note sequences in the original to build into a trance breakdown and build. Uplifting and fulfilling, it adds a kick drum and strong bassline to the Kosmas Epsilon layering and maintains a distinct voice.

It's nearly impossible to pick a favorite here, and this reviewer was truly impressed with the distance between these mixes and how each one is a superior piece of music. It seems Eelke Kleijn's mix is an early favorite of the top tier DJs but each of the mixes could have a place in many sets to come.

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